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God damn!!! I hate the way you did!

As we know, several days ago China goverment has blocked domain, right now i just wanna show you how i m angry!

At first, i thought maybe my website was something wrong with it. And i contact with hosting administrator, he suggested me to use normal domain like to try again. You know what happened? it works well! and then i doubt our gfw has block it. After that, i confirmed it at some chinese free forums.

God damn! What a fucking country we live! no freedom! Everything you do is under someone’s controll. Well, what can i say?  if i were doing, maybe some guys put me in jail!

At present, I have transfered my domain to other place. and from now on, my domain name is i wish no more block, no more gfw!!!

And you guys wanna visit my blog, please bookmark it, and click here to view NOW.

Wish ChinaP go further!