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Playing poker is very magnificent undertaking. Usually,  I’m not interested in success of failure, but when playing poker, it’s out of control. I’ve no idea why I would like to be that. Originally, this post should be posted last night.  But ’cause I was so sleepy that forgot it.

Today it’s very heavy rainy, I wake up at 8 am. That’s too early for me. Generally speaking, even though I keep my eyes closed against the light of morning as long as possible. This is my shit life. ah…i will confess a fun thing of mine. About 3 days ago, I went home with my classmate,  when he got off the bus, the drencher was coming. The raindrop looked like bean. God bless me! When i got off,  I run into it straight. Unfortunately, even though I was all wringing, but I felt so great. Yeah, pretty good. He’s so clever that found a shelter timely. However, he still got a cold, what a poor man!

These days I’m trying to read an English electronic version of textbook, it’s about how to learn PHP, which is hypertext preprocessor,  it’s a kind of script language running on computer, it can process dynamic web pages, and provide some functions such as hit counter, guestbook and so on. The current version is PHP 5. If you are interested in it, please visit here. And it can works very well with MySQL database, it’s a popular set over the Internet. I think though I’m so free, why not learn some new stuff.

I’m waiting…..waiting….for a chance.

3 days ago, I’ve seen the movie ICE AGE 3 alone, cool, and it’s very funny, especially that squirrel, it’s chasing pine nut for a long time, and it found a female squirrel by chance, squirrel’s love, haha, however, they couldn’t get married, you know why? ’cause they has different character, as we know women is so hard to serve. and the other hand, Manny entered an unknown underworld for rescue his little friend. There’s very dangerous, ’cause of dinosaur became extinct before ice age. Certainly, they made it. ah….i shouldn’t talk about story too much, just make a look, it’s won’t make you be disappointed. Trust me!

Well…..It’s still rainy outside. Hope you guys know how to protect yourselves. keep eye on yourself, don’t get cold! God bless you, my friends.