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Arch Linux 2009.08 下载

Arch Linux是一份独立开发的、为i686优化的Linux发行,它面向高级Linux用户。它使用自行开发的包管理器pacman来为最新的应用软件提供更新升级,并进行完整的依赖性维护。Arch可以从光盘镜像或者从FTP服务器安装,它以一份连续演化的、动态的系统形式运作。缺省的安装提供一份坚实的基础,用户可再进行定制安装。此外,Arch Build System(ABS)能支持简便创建新软件包,修改原先软件包的配置,以及通过Arch Linux User Repository来将这些软件包与其他人共享。

Linux kernel, udev 141 and Pacman 3.3.0. Changes compared to 2009.02: more up-to-date software; usage of new AIF installer, which brings better disk editor with support for dm_crypt and LVM setups, support for automated installations using configuration files, a framework to build your own installation procedures, better date/time setting with NTP support, re-factored GRUB installation routines and usability improvements; Aufs instead of Unionfs; enhanced boot device detection on image start; bug fixes (XFS freeze, mirror setting, clock corrections, network settings)

archlinux-2009.08-core-i686.iso (344MB)

archlinux-2009.08-core-x86_64.iso (664MB).