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What a bad luck! I finally cought a cold! It’s very cold three days ago, especially that day was raising a dust, I don’t know why I rode my motor. I have been back home at 23 for working overtime. I felt deeply for the feeling of ride! Of course, base on my physical strength, I centainly cought a cold.

I feel worse today. It’s very lucky that few something to do at the day before holiday. Today I was going to Dingxi for a case, which is replaced a custom’s part.I have been lanzhou at 8. Oliver called me on my way home, he wanna make a date with me, yeah, our similar nest,which is before time. Although I didn’t have dinner yet, I got nothing to do at home, perhaps it’s a good idea.Finally, I took my bag to the place we dated in a hurry.

Well, because oliver doesn’t chat with me actively, the only thing i can do is reading every time. Whatever it is, Let it be. Soon it’s time to go home.

It’s very cold outside. I never feel peaceful, but a rough life of Zhang Xiaofan,who is a character in a novel. I wonder that the lonely feeling is so strong, maybe I need to be cared as I’m sicking. the mood is rather than waitting for.

Two days, everything happened on this year will be history, it destines to become a part of mine. I will be the age of 28, a third life is passed by, what else is left? That’s the only question I need think about.