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After being drunk,empty only!




昨天晚上四个朋友坐在Waiting For You,我也不知道为什么自己想喝酒,四个人喝了十五瓶啤酒,其实并不多,但是我醉了,痛快的吐了,之后心里满是悔恨与伤心,被空虚的感觉淹没了。说实话,那时我很想去放纵自己,我活的很累,真的很累。躺在孤独的单人床上,只想尽快入睡,不想被死亡的恐惧一次又一次冲击我的心灵。人总说“五十知天命”,难道我已经五十岁了吗?我的世界是复杂的,意淫的。




Everyday is busy after coming back, whatever worse life or shit work. I can say that’s the real status right now. I’m worry about it.But I have no idea to improve them.I told a friend of mine, everyone is improving ceaselessly, but my status is too unstable to control.

Lily completed her’s mission, ’cause she has a pretty lovely baby, of course, Mr. Men is very happiness. I can see it today, I think everyone is very happiness. Mrs. HF will have a baby,and our gaming girl Ms. Lau is happiness no doubt, even she lost the game, but I think she feel worthy. Well, it’s so glad that our indefectible myth is ended.

I’m so clear to know what to do in the future. Working is the most important, whatever having a girlfriend or not. But I feel satisfying and successful that is affirmed by boss.

Last night four guys is in “Waiting for you”, I don’t know why I wanna drink, we drank 15 bottles of beer.I feel sad,pain

ful after I was drunk.After being drunk,I’m full of sorrow and penitence for my faults.I’m finding that I have been living wearily.I’m so weary,I mean really! When I lie in the bed, what I think is to sleep immediately, I wanna escape from the fear of death. People always say “You will know your destiny in the age of fifty”, ain’t I fifty already? My world is so complex and warm.

Writing and writing, I can’t feel peaceful. All thoughs in my mind wanna come out of it. Perhaps when it’s done, I should be silence and peaceful.

My momery love was left behind Peking, where is so far or not to me. And my mind is so clearn to remember the familiar face, sweet smiles and tender careness.