What I need is that it makes life be easy!I don't have any great blue print, 'cause I'm nobody, I'm not faithful that could be a great man,which can give you everything you want.

Something is so hard to explain. Maybe i can beg you understanding.But I find it's too difficult to understand each other. Sometimes I do want you to be good, and life well. Could you give me a hope?Even a much smaller hope!

We're not equal! Everything you think about is based on me, whom can't suffer such thing. And then everything was changed, what I did doesn't satisfied you. You give me a slap on spirit! It means you're not pleased about those.

Okay! I quit! What you need is a great man who can give you everything. I'm a loser, lazy not to try to understand what you were thinking.

Perhaps the life to me is lonely. I don't need any company. Without you, I trust myself that I could live well! I'm sure of that!

Okay! Find your man is belong to you!

I can say, it's great! I feel good, I feel eazy! Really!