Bif Naked, 1971年出生在印度New Delhi,被一对美国夫妇收养,然后移居到加拿大中部的一个城市Winnipeg,在University of Winnipeg学习表演专业时,她加入了学校的一支乐队,开始了她的Vocal演唱。她是加拿大相当流行的Punk女歌手,”provocative,sexy and very punk rock”已经成了媒体对Bif歌曲最常见的评价了,她的多张专辑,在Amazon上的用户评选得分基本都是5颗星里能拿到4.5~5的.


I first saw Bif Naked on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Right away,I was very impressed by her presence and voice. When she sang Lucky, I was hooked and bought the album I, Bificus. While reading the lyrics, I saw inconsistencies which I thought to be last minute changes that didn't make it into the final cut. Only later did I realize that I, Bificus had been remade for the States with different versions and extra songs. I bid and won a copy off of Ebay and listened to it and discovered that many of the songs sound infinitely better. “Spaceman”, while still the same song lyrics, begins and sounds very differently musically. “Lucky” includes all lyrics found in the American release while “If I” is a nice compliment to a already good album. If you have the American version of I, Bificus then this version makes a wonderful companion piece.

单曲下载:Bif Naked – Lucky

单曲下载:Bif Naked – Moment of Weakness


1. Any Day Now
2. Spaceman
3. Moment Of Weakness
4. Lucky
5. Sophia
6. Chotee
7. Violence
8. Peacock Song
9. If I
10. Anything
11. Only The Girl

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