Everything's changed.I imagine that I can have a family early,I feel changed,everything changed.No more careness ,No more love ,No more conversation.All of these were not what I need ,I ask myself whether it shows a kind of ending ,perhaps.

Well, it's happened.What can I do?Slowly leave.And then I'm single again.But, I realize a truth, I'm nut, who an absolute nut!

Give it up or try to save? I have already had an answer. Please don't….I mean really!We have a word never use my patient to test anything. The result is full of pain.

If yes, my choice is always single.Never look for somebody, someone is in my mind.Never try to take place the one.Sometimes I memoried the beautiful scenes, and then I feel so sorry.I knew I would treat her better, cherish her.

Well, I think I have changed!!!